Frequently Asked Questions

- What is the minimum and maximum students required to qualify as a group?

The minimum number to qualify for special school group pricing and free of charge teachers is 20. There is no maximum. If your group is less than 20 people we can still provide our services however you may not get the same benefits and discounts of a bona-fide school group.

We want a different package to what is available on this site. Can we?

Yes, absolutely. The tours and packages on the site are a guide only. We will customise an itinerary and package for your group according to your requirements.

- We would like to stay in a property not listed on your site. Is this possible?

Yes, absolutely. We work with many properties beyond what we list on the website and are always happy to work with you to find the best option for your group.

Which payment methods are acceptable?

Direct deposit is the preferred method of payment however we can also take visa and mastercard for urgent payments.

- When is the initial deposit required?

The initial deposit is usually due within 7 days of booking to secure your accommodation and/or flights

- How much do your ‘Snow Essential Packs’ cost’?

Our ‘Snow Essential Packs’ are $70 each and include anti-fog double lens goggles, a neck warmer, thick socks, waterproof gloves and a handy tote bag to keep it all in.

- Are we eligible for the PACER rebate?

The PACER rebate is open to school groups who participate in certain educational experiences in Canberra. Please head over to to determine if you are eligible

- Can Absolute Travel provide risk assessments?

Yes, we can provide the risk assessments published by the ski resorts, activity providers and accommodation providers where available.

- How many teachers do we receive FOC?

In our NZ and NSW resorts, 1 teacher is free per 10 students. In our VIC resorts, 1 teacher is free per 8 students. If you would like to bring more teachers or supporting adults than the FOC ratio, please let us know and we can provide a special 'extra adult' price.

- What should the students pack?

Warm clothes! Waterproof gloves, neck warmer, goggles, beanie, thick socks, scarf, thermals, waterproof pants, waterproof jacket, jumpers, waterproof shoes or sneakers. We recommend wearing more thin layers than a single thick layer under ski gear. A full packing list can be provided if requested.

- How are the students split into lessons and how many per lesson?

Students are slit into ability levels in approximately groups of 8. The ski instructors will split them on the first morning.

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