The Chitosekan is located right in the centre of the Village in Nozawa Onsen, this 4 story wooden ryokan has 12 Japanese-style rooms all designed in traditional Japanese woodwork, here you certainly get a very real impression of being in Japan at this lodge.

There are natural indoor hot spring baths, as well as directly right next door there is one of Nozawa’s famous public O-Yu bathing houses, which is another benefit of staying at the Chitosekan.

The Nozawa Village is such a vibrant charming village to be located in and the Chitosekan being right in the heart of the village gives you easy access to all the charms which Nozawa is known for. Its less than a 5 minute walk to the Yu –Road, which is your access up onto the mountain, next door on the opposite side there is also a great foot-spring, the Jonobi restaurant and bar and all the stores in the main street of Nozawa.

The owners are a lovely Japanese family, but they do have a cat that can be found in and around the lodge so if you have cat allergies perhaps try somewhere else.