Travel Insurance

Absolute Travel highly recommend travel insurance. We see too many times that students do not take the travel insurance option and then unforeseen circumstances arise and they are forced to cancel due to injury, illness or personal reasons. If you take out travel insurance at the time of payment you will be covered for monies paid at that stage. There are many other reasons that travel insurance is so important - please ask your consultant for a copy of our specialised school group policy. This policy has been specially chosen from the many on offer for its inclusions and cover including snow tours/excursions.


All of Absolute Travel's tours are packages and can include: all transport, accommodation, activities including sight seeing, sporting, team building, adventure and lift and lesson passes, equipment hire, meals. If you have a preference we can quote your exact needs or you may opt to ask for some professional advice on where the best places to visit or stay are. We have exclusive deal with varies accommodation and supplies with whom we can offer superior programs from other wholesalers.


Deposit vary depending on destination and program we are running but usually it will be between $50 per student for accommodation and $100 per student for airfares to secure you allocated beds/seats. Our staff will be able to step you through your requirements prior to booking and confirming you next trip.

Final Payments

The final balance of your school trip is due 2 months prior to departure. We understand it is never easy coordinating 20 - 100 students for any school trips so we will always work with you to ensure you have maximum allowed time to received all money from students. For land content we can be a little more flexible when need be. For flights, however, we are the whim of airlines who are a little less flexible. Absolute Travel will always give you ample warning of when your final balances are due and must be received.

Tailoring Itineraries

Absolute Travel can tailor any itineraries to suit your requirements. We can vary the days, stops, activities, amount of passengers (from 15 - 100) and coach sizes (which seat from 22 - 72 passengers).

What to bring

We recommend student pack one bag with all your clothing and requirements for your trip. Then one backpack or similar which contains your on hand needs for your journey. Remember when travelling to the snow there are often limited access to goodie or fresh goods and if they are accessible it can often be more expensive when purchasing fresh good or goodies in a ski resort. Linen is not required for any of our accommodations, linen will always be supplied. You may want to bring your pillow if you are on a long coach trip.


If your students / children have special dietary requirements please advise your consultant and we will always advise properties. All dietary restrictions can be catered for. We can include all meals including breakfast, lunch and dinners.

Early Bird Specials

Absolute Travel have exclusive deal with properties in all destinations which offer early bird specials and booking bonuses. Please ask your consultant for more information on which properties participate in these deals.


All airlines offer a group discount for group travel. To be eligible for a group it must be 10 or more passengers and they must all be traveling on their outbound journey together. As long as 10 for more are also travelling on the return leg together your group discount will not be affected. Group deposits conditions apply.

Free of Charge for Co-Ordinators / Teachers

All tours offered for school, social and other groups include the FOC deal. This FOC ratio changes for certain destinations for eg: Domestically 1:8 or 1:10 FOC and Internationally 1:15 or 1:20 FOC