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Hotel APPI Grand is created by one designer’ s wish and dream. The designer’ s name is Yusaku Kamekura, one of Japanese representative designers. Kamekura designed posters for Tokyo Olympics, Good Design Mark, and other masterpieces. The artist discovered ski magic after his 40′ s and traveled for skiing at resorts all over the world including Japanese and European. Kamekura aimed to create European style resort that you have never seen in Japan. You can see his ingenious designs on ski slope, structure and color of buildings in the area, and APPI’ s logo with seasonal marks. The designer conceived European style hotel and aimed to break the image of “mountain area’ s hotel = log house in the mountain”. Kamekura created urban style hotel that is suitable for longer stay. Then, Hotel APPI Grand is serving and quality atmosphere as if it is a museum. Hotel APPI Grand is counted as one of Japanese representative hotels.